Lamb Pricing

We have an unusual pricing policy at our farm.  We charge a per head price rather than the typical price per hanging weight pound.  We do this for several reasons:

  1. Hanging weight prices have little comparison value to store meat prices most of our customers are used to.  Most people will only take home about 60% of the hanging weight, making the real take-home price per pound considerably higher than the charged price.  Additionally, the prices you are used to paying in the store vary greatly by the cut, so you’d have to know the relative weights of each cut from the carcass to figure out if this is a good deal or not.  People want to know if they’re getting a good value, but have trouble accurately interpreting the hanging weight value.
  2. Families with tight budgets need to know their totals before putting down a deposit.  When I’m the customer buying my beef from a fellow farmer, I’m always a bit nervous about the checkbook in the weeks between committing to buy and getting that total.
  3. Our prices reflect actual costs of raising meat locally and humanely.  Very few of these costs scale with the size of animal.  I’m not charging more for an animal that had to be dewormed twice, or who needed extra hoof trimming, or who’s wool didn’t sell well, so why charge more for an animal that ate a little more grass?

So how do you know if you’re getting your money’s worth?

Please read About Our Farm and decide if you want to support local, humane, pasture raised farming.  You’re not just purchasing meat, you’re purchasing pride in the Greater Rochester area, confidence in knowing your meat is healthy and lived happy during its appointed time, and advocacy for small farmers.  Make an appointment to come inspect the farm, and verify for yourself any claims we make on our website.