How to Order Lamb

We lamb on pasture in April and May, and grow out our lambs until December or January. We will make an announcement when we schedule butcher day and start accepting down payments on lambs. E-mail us at farmer@eddyridgegrassland to get on the mailing list.

After we get your down-payment, we will work with you to fill out your cut sheet.  You can fill it out yourself, fill it out with assistance, or just request “standard cuts”.  If you want fat, bones,  organ meats, or any other unusual cut, you will need to specifically request it.  Some organs that you may be used to getting on a cow may be very small off of a sheep and hard for the butcher to separate out, you can request them anyway and the butcher will do his best.

The day we drop the lamb off at the butcher, it is legally yours, we can not resell that meat to a different customer if you back out, so please be available to pick up your meat and make your final payment when it is ready.  The butcher works for you, the lamb is custom butchered to your specifications.  He will give you a call if there are any problems with your cut sheet.  We will tell you in advance when your lamb should be ready, but custom work has some variability to it, and the final date is up to the butcher.

When your lamb is ready, we can meet together at the butcher so you can make your final payment and pick up your lamb.  Depending on the weather (needs to be below freezing) and our schedules, we may be able to meet you in Perinton, but the butcher in Marion is the default pickup point.