One lamb, cut to order

Lamb, January 2018

We are now taking deposits for January butcher.

We have a butcher date for January 17th, the meat should be ready to pick up around January 27th, the butcher will call when the orders are ready. We’ll be sending our larger lambs in this January batch, and holding the smaller to grow back a bit more.  Lambs in this batch will be $250, including the cost of a live lamb, transportation to Smith’s Packing in Marion, NY, and your payment to the butcher ($75). The butcher works for you, according to the directions on your cut sheet. I can help you fill out the cut sheet if you wish. (I may have a copy of your prior cut sheet if you have ordered from us before.)

These lambs are grain and soy free from conception to butcher date.  This year we were unable to get our usual load of pumpkins, and are finishing the lambs on a mix of grass and alfalfa hay.

All the lambs are full blooded Cotswolds.  Cotswolds are a rare breed, listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy.  Purchase of lambs not useful in our breeding program supports the maintenance of the breeding group that will bring Cotswold genetics forward to the next generation.

We accept requests on a first deposit come, first reserved basis. Deposits may be mailed to:

Denise Skidmore
4513 Eddy Ridge Rd
Marion, NY, 14505

Include a $100 check, and contact information so we can discuss your cut sheet.

Important Dates:

  • $100 Deposits due 1/10. (Assuming nobody else beats you to the punch.)
  • Cut Sheets due 1/16. (I’ll help you with this after I get your deposit.)
  • Butcher day 1/17, no refunds or exchanges after this date.  You can still talk directly to the Butcher about changes to your cut sheet.
  • 1/24th-27th The butcher finishes hanging and cutting and calls when the meat is ready.  Please pay your remaining balance of $150 before or at pickup.  The butcher is open during normal business hours MTRF and on Saturday mornings.

Thank-you so much for your support!