Sweet Pea gives birth and feeds another lamb

Below are clips of Sweet Pea giving birth and nursing an orphan lamb. The lamb was rejected by his mother because I made the mistake of bathing him, and he didn’t smell right to her any more. Unfortunately the adoption did not stick, as the lamb was too active for a newborn and kept wandering off until Sweet Pea figured out the ruse, but after much struggling, and application of an adoption stanchion, we got his own natural mother to accept him again (and a second rejected lamb). We called this orphan Moses, because he passed through the water and then was fostered by his own mother. The second orphan we called Pigpen, because I found him crying in a mud puddle and he looked like a black sheep at first. This is the first year we’ve had issues with a rejected lamb, and it happened twice this year. Both orphans are now doing well, and are on an isolated pasture with their foster mother. They’ll soon reach minimum weaning age and be allowed into the big pasture with the whole flock where things are less controlled, where I hope they will stay a family and continue nursing in the flock environment.