One lamb, cut to order

Taking deposits now for December/January Lambs

If you are on my waiting list but wish to pass this year, please let me know that so I can let someone else have your spot this year.

Our lambs are scheduled for butcher. We have two butcher dates available, the first set will be ready right around Christmas (Sorry, I can’t guarantee they’ll be ready for Christmas dinner as I had hoped), the second set around January 8th. When ordering please let me know if you are available to pick up for only one of those dates or both.

We encourage you to come to Marion to pick up directly from the butcher and get a chance to visit the farm. If the weather is below freezing, we can bring your meat to Perinton, NY on a work day. If the weather does not co-operate, you will have to come to Marion to pick up. We are available for farm tours 12/26, 12/27, and 1/10 by appointment. The butcher shop is normally open until noon on Saturdays, I don’t yet know their Christmas week schedule.

This year the price for Tunis cross lambs will be $275 including delivery to butcher and cut & wrap fees. Special butchering requests may incur additional butcher costs. Tunis cross lambs is what last year’s customers had. Cotswold Cross lambs will be $300. Cotswolds are slightly larger and reputed to have very mild flavor.

We also have one adult Finn ram available, $275. The ram is not grain free, he has only been with us a few months of his life. He is being finished on hay, rutabaga, and pumpkin. He will be larger than any of the lambs, but will have a stronger flavor and be less tender due to his age.

A deposit of $125 is required to reserve your lamb or ram.  Deposits accepted by mail or in person.

Address for mailing deposits or taking farm tours by appointment:
Denise Skidmore
4513 Eddy Ridge Rd.
Marion, NY 14505

We have a limited supply. If you are on my waiting list, you have one week to claim your waiting list priority, then all customers will be handled in the order deposits are received. After I receive your deposit we will discuss your butcher cut sheet.

This year we have a new website, you can read more about our farm and how we do things up here on the ridge.

Looking forward to hearing from you, please let me know if you have any questions.

Denise Skidmore
Eddy Ridge Grassland