About the Farmer

Denise Skidmore grew up in Clarkson, NY, in a small family with a big garden.  In her early years the family was poor while Dad tried to make a start of a new business, and the garden was how the family ate.  Denise and her sister helped out in the garden regularly, even each getting their own small plots within the family garden.  (Of course Dad just planted fewer cucumbers if Denise put cucumbers in her own garden, but it was a good sense of ownership and responsibility for a kid.)

In the early 90s money was better, but Denise was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Thankfully we are understanding more and more about this disease today, but at the time the treatment was muscle relaxants and pain killers.  Exercise was known to be helpful, but as the pain got worse, exercise became almost impossible.  In 2010, Denise found new information that started her down the road to recovery.  Today she still has trouble keeping up with her husband, but she scurries up to the hay loft, throws around square bales, and even catches a 200lb sheep now and then.  She is slowly loosing weight and gaining strength.  You can read more about her recovery at myhealthexperiment.com.

Denise attributes part of her recovery to grass fed meat and fats, but knows that buying half a steer is just not practical for every family, so she decided to raise a smaller grass fed animal that can fit in a normal kitchen freezer.  She hopes that this is helpful to others facing similar health issues.  Farm life provides regular physical exercise that is part of her recovery plan, and the view is definitely something to steady your blood pressure and help you find a little more equilibrium in life.

Denise’s other life is as a software programmer.  She is currently working at Vanteon, in Fairport, NY.  She is a graduate of RIT and wife of David Skidmore, another RIT trained programmer.