About Our Farm

Sheep with grass and ragweed (Eddy Ridge Grassland Logo)
Eddy Ridge Grassland

Welcome to Eddy Ridge Grassland!  We are a small farm in Marion, NY, raising Cotswold sheep on pasture.

We raise our sheep grain and soy free.  As much as possible this means grass fed, but we may supplement with alfalfa pellets, fruits and vegetables.

Why grain and soy free?

Well, a lamb is what he eats.  Grass fed meat and fats have a healthier Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio than grain fed meats, helping restore the balance in our heavy Omega-6 diets.  This is particularly important to the farmer, as she has conquered major health issues partly with a more favorable Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio.

Why sheep?

Sheep and Cobblestone
Sheep grazing behind the old cobblestone house.

We want to make grain free meat available to more families.  Many families do not find it practical to own a chest freezer or buy an entire year’s worth of meat at one time, making beef by the quarter steer unattainable.  Sheep on the other hand can fit in a standard kitchen freezer if you make room for it in advance.  Sheep are true ruminants like cows, that can live solely on grass and other high fiber forages.  Other common meat animals like pigs and chickens can use some grass, but need additional protein from another source.

Are you organic?

We are not certified organic.  While we do try to manage our livestock in a holistic manner, we do need to resort to conventional medications on an as-needed basis.  We feel this is the most humane way to raise animals, and we will not be moving towards organic certification for our livestock.  After medicating, only healthy animals that have been medication free for an appropriate withdrawal period are allowed to go to butcher, so your meat is safe and clean.

Are you sustainable?

Sustainable means different things to different people, so I’d rather spell out our sustainable practices than say “yes” or “no”.  Our hay operation is conducted in co-operation with a conventional farmer, so we can avoid owning a full sized tractor, but still have oversight over the way our hay is produced. Our pastures are encouraged to grow a diverse biome, controlled only by timed mowing and stock rotation. Most farm work is done with a little BCS 732 walking tractor that burns less gas than the average riding lawn mower, and we use hand tools whenever possible for minor jobs around the farm. We have hand powered shears, a scythe for weed trimming, a wheel hoe for crop cultivation… But the most sustainable aspect of our farm is that we raise our animals primarily on pasture. No power is spent on harvesting the feed the sheep eat from May to October.  Our farm is our home first and a business second.  We will not use any management practices that contaminate our land or deteriorate it over time.  Our heart is here and I want to always be proud of it.

Please call (585-420-8908) or e-mail (farmer@eddyridgegrassland.com) for an appointment if you’d like to come inspect the farm before making a purchase.